January 19th-23rd

Disney Week!


Old Fashioned


Cinnamon Sugared

Chocolate Frosted

Maple Frosted



Vanilla Fruity Pebbles

Strawberry Rainbow Sprinkles

Mickey Mouse

Chocolate frosted, half dipped in white chocolate, and two yellow M&Ms 

Moana ~ Heart of Te Fiti

Pineapple frosted, sprinkles, and a buttercream Heart of Te Fiti

Frozen ~ Let It Go

Peppermint frosted, chocolate snowflake decorations, and sprinkles 

Lion King ~ Timon and Pumbaa’s Lunch

Chocolate frosted, Oreo, and gummy worms


Beauty and the Beast ~ Enchanted Rose

Lemon frosted, lemon buttercream, raspberry drizzle, and a chocolate rose

Snow White ~ Poison Apple

Cinnamon buttercream, red sanding sugar, pretzel, and chocolate leaf 

Alice in Wonderland ~ Tea Party

Vanilla frosted, vanilla (pink) buttercream, sprinkles, and an “Eat Me” cookie 

The Little Mermaid ~ Sea Shore

Cheesecake filling, graham cracker, vanilla (blue) buttercream, and chocolate sea decorations

Jungle Book ~ Shere Kahn Whoopie

Split and filled with whoopie pie filling, vanilla (orange) frosted, and drizzled with chocolate

Encanto ~ Julieta’s Guava Pie

 Guava frosted, vanilla filling, and a guava hand pie

Zootopia ~ Nighthowler Serum

Glazed, vanilla (purple) buttercream, sprinkles, and a pipette of house made blueberry sauce


 *Gluten Free/Dairy Free*

Rotating Flavors this week - Call for daily details


GF/DF Doughnut Ingredients: GF/DF Flour (Bob Mills 1:1), Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Granulated Sugar, Salt, Almond Milk, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Vegetable Oil (Soy), Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Spray (contains soy).

{Please note, our gluten free offering is a non-gluten product for people looking to avoid gluten, but is made in an environment where gluten exists and may not be appropriate for people with celiac disease.}