Can I order at the pick-up window?

No. All orders must be placed online. We have a ton of orders being processed throughout the day from the online system, with assigned pick-up times. Adding window service would throw off the pick-up times and would not be fair to those who expect their order to be ready. We also want to limit the number of people congregating at one time outside the window. Safety first!


Can I add drink orders at the window?

No. See above.


I went to place an order but it’s telling me I can’t pick up today, what gives?

Unfortunately, this means that we have reached our max capacity for doughnut orders for the day. We have set up our system to allow a max of 6 orders every 15 minutes. We have done this to stagger pick-up times, and to limit the number of people congregating outside the window at one time. You know, for safety. We are also operating with limited resources during the pandemic. At any time there will only be one or two people max slinging doughnuts for you. It’s just not possible to decorate any faster. Trust us, we’ve tried. Bottom line: You need doughnuts at a specific date and time? Order online in advance.

How do I check my earliest available pick-up slot?

Throw an item in your cart. Click in your cart and it will give you the earliest available time slot. Be cool and don’t take that 8am time slot if you are planning on sleeping in. Trust us; someone really wants that early slot.

It says my time slot is tomorrow. Can I still order and call you to let you know I want it today?

You’re funny! No.

How do I change my pick-up time if I want to pick up later than the earliest available slot?

At secure checkout there is a section labeled ‘STORE PICKUP’ where you can adjust pick-up times. Click ‘Schedule for later’ and a list of available dates and times will appear.

When do I order gluten free/dairy free/egg free doughnuts?

These must be pre-ordered for the weekend between Monday evening and Thursday at 5pm. You cannot order gf/df/ef doughnuts on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.