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Different by Design

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Different by Design, at NHDOHCO we focus on making a unique customer experience. Life can be hard, full of adversity, stress, and Mondays. If we can bring some joy to your day and help you forget about the many distractions, we all face, even for just a moment…we have achieved our goal! We sell fresh doughnuts and have a bistro for all your beverage needs…you deserve the escape and to treat yourself.

What does different by design mean? When you walk in, the eclectic décor sets the tone from the chandeliers hanging overhead, and our own Mona Lisa looking on, we give the option to customize or design your own doughnuts (do you see what we did there), if you so choose, and want to break from the matrix of options available any given day. Even the music we play goes after the vibe and customer connectiveness we are trying to create. There are a lot of music services to choose from, but we felt that CloudCoverMusic really fit what we are trying to create for the customer experience. These are not always songs you here every day and fit the “brand” and connectiveness we are trying to create. Attention to detail, and the customer experience are not lost on us. It is the little things that go a long way. We appreciate your continued support of a small local family-owned business. #differentbydesign

Thank you,

Chad & Amanda Baril


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